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Pasta - Food
Salisbury, MA

Sylvan Stirfry


Chicken, beef, shrimp or combination sautéed with carrots, peppers, onions, green beans and pineapple with our homemade stir fry sauce served over rice pilaf.

FAJITA/STIRFRY OPT:Chicken Beef Shrimp Chix/Beef Chix/Shrimp Beef/Shrimp Chix/Beef/Shmp Veggies
Pasta Modifications:NO Blue Cheese Crumbles NO Broccoli NO Parmesan Cheese Sub Linguine Sub Penne Pasta
Allergy (Please indicate any allergies):Dairy Allergy Egg Allergy Garlic Allergy Gluten Allergy Peanut Allergy Sesame Allergy Shellfish Allergy Soy Allergy Tree Nut Allergy Cross Contamination OK